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Miraval condominiums make great investment properties. If you're moving, but aren't ready to sell, you may want to consider renting your condominium.

Whether your new home is down the street or across country, property management offers tangible benefits:

  • We advertise your condominium, using proven ads and photos.

  • We show your condominium to potential renters. Because Golden Realty is close to Miraval, we're able to show your condominium frequently, making sure we get the best selection of available tenants.

  • We carefully screen tenants to make sure they're qualified to move in.

  • You don't have to worry about collecting monthly rents or receiving late night calls for repairs – that's Golden Realty's responsibility.

  • We can get discounts on things like carpet cleaning and painting, since we have established relationships with vendors.

If you'd like more information on property management, please click here.


If you've seen an advertisement or walked by a Golden Realty window sign, give us a call!  We may have a vacancy for a one, two, or three bedroom condo that Golden Realty manages. Miraval features high ceilings, fireplaces*, gas cooking, and in-home full-size washer and dryers. See the full list of amenities here.

Because Golden Realty is located close to the Miraval community, we're often able to show you a condominium on short notice. To learn more about Miraval, or see a property for rent managed by Golden Realty, please click here.

NOTICE:  In recent months, scammers have posted listings on the Web pretending to offer a property for rent. Please know who you are dealing with before providing a security deposit or personal information.


Miraval is located at 3901 Lick Mill Blvd., Santa Clara, CA.

Map is provided courtesy of Google.®

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